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Hi I am a new grad LPN and am relocating to Atlanta, Ga from Pa. I am interested in applying at the Shepherd Center. Does anyone know anything about this rehab hospital like pay? Shift differentials? Benefits? Work load?

Thanks in advance!

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A couple of clicks of the mouse and a keyword took me right to their employment website. They even have a couple of LPN jobs listed. Check it out for yourself.


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Ok thanks so much RNperdiem!

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Lesson learned!

Google is your friend!

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I always forget about the Shepherd Center when referencing hospitals in the metro area. However, I've heard it's a great place to work and I'm sure you will learn a lot!


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Not sure if you applied to SC or not, but they will only hire LPNs at their day program locations. It is an outstanding place to work if you can get in there. They try to stay competitive with other area hospitals regarding pay, and their benefits are actually better than other hospitals.