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I'm a new nursing school graduate and have my first interview next week for a job on a telemetry unit. I'll be meeting with the nurse recruiter then the nurse manager then will do a share day. I was told to wear scrubs and that I would be meeting the other nurses on the unit and basically shown around. I don't know what to expect from this share day and don't know what I'll be doing. Does anyone have any suggestions or tell me what is usually done during these share days? Thanks!! I'm so nervous yet so excited!!!

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You will probably be shown around the hospital and unit, introduced to the tele nurse, they'll probably show you how they document and maybe the computer system. You may or may not be asked to do simple tasks, like answering call bells. Think of the show day as an extension of the interview. Good luck!

Thanks! Should I try and brush up on some skills/meds just in case I do interact with patients?

Yes. . . But don't sound to know it all! They know you're a new grad! When we have show days I dislike the interviewer constantly butting in. We want to know that you are bright honest professional respectful and willing to learn. I've had interviewers go so far as to comments on what medications the patient should be on etc (while discrediting one of our doctors as making a mistake in the process). She was not an employee of our hospital for one and for two that is the doctors job (she's not an APN).

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I seriously doubt that you will be interacting with patients or that you will be asked to do any duties, because of various legalities involved. You are not there in any other capacity except as an observer. When you meet with the nursing recruiter, ask her/him what their expectations are of you during the tour. Ask specifically if you are expected to interact with patients, answer the call bell, etc. This way there will be no doubt in your mind what is expected of you.

Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it!:)

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I did a share day for my job that I started this week, and all it inolved was shadowing a nurse on the unit for a few hours. The nurse manager was off the floor for the morning, so it was just a good opportunity for me to see the sort of unit it was and what sort of patients they cared for. I didn't do any patient care because I hadn't signed any sort of liability paperwork or anything like that...just stood back, observed, and asked questions. I was actually really glad I did it because it took away a lot of the anxiety of starting work there. I knew what to expect. Look at it as your opportunity to decide if this is a unit you want to work on. Good luck!

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