Shame in seeing former coworkers


I worked in an ICU when I was confronted for my addiction to opiates. I thought I'd never see any of my coworkers again, but as it turns out, THREE are in one of my classes for my NP program this fall. This is bringing back all the guilt and shame of that day I was confronted, and am feeling uneasy about going to class, and the awkwardness in seeing them again. Any advice on how to handle it?

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When I went to an NP meeting after about 6 months I was so nervous, feeling like I wasnt dressed nice enough, worried about my hair, my weight, so hard on myself because I was afraid people would be judging me. This is a small town, and news travels fast, so lots of people know tid bits about my situation. I met up with multiple people and they asked me "how are you", I said better now that I have gotten my health and my life back in order. I even shared a little about my restrictions with a couple of them. I was matter of fact, and each of them treated me with respect, and compassion. Before the evening was over I had one job offer, and well wishes from many. Hold your head up. I'm not saying that it was easy, or that you have to do anything I did. I was scared and embarrassed, but I was harder on me than anyone. It is how I chose to handle it. Those looking down their noses can keep on looking, they dont pay my bills, or share my hopes and dreams. It is wonderful that you are going to school. Happy for you, good luck with all those Research papers!


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Guilt and Shame are egocentric drivers we place on ourselves. It has nothing to do with what others see in you. What matters is how you see yourself, make yourself strong because you are strong. Don't worry about how the world see's you. Focus on the inner you, that has gifts to offer the world. Peace


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Better to find out what they think than to make up something that is incorrect. Your all there for same reason. To improve your current situation. Good luck. Be strong.