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Hello nurses,

I am currently in the process of applying to CRNA school and am having a hard time finding a CRNA to shadow. A friend of mine sent me a link to a company who assist nurses with finding CRNAs to shadow. The issue is the company has a TON of submissions, at this time, which is causing the process to go very slowly. There is no telling how long it will take to find a CRNA to shadow.

I want to ask does anyone have any pointers as to what I can do? I am new to finding CRNAs to shadow and want to, at least, shadow a CRNA a few times before applying. I've called CRNA clinics/offices, with no luck and I've submitted my info to this company who assist with the process, as well. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Oh, I currently live in San Diego, CA, but am open to traveling as well.

Thank you in advance.

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Call the OR at your hospital and ask to follow a CRNA or talk to a CRNA when they bring a post-op patient to the ICU and see if they will let your shadowing them. Network and make connections.

I didnt shadow, but have got tons of interviews. BUT i had experience with the airway and was helping the anesthesiologists sometimes in the OR to set things up or with the Airway.

- god bless

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You can contact local county hospitals and get transferred to education dept. From there just stat that you want to shadow a CRNA. Most county hospitals in CA are major academic teaching facilities. So they might be able to accommodat you even though you are not affiliated with the hospital. Thats how I got my date

Like someone else said, contact the nurse manager for the OR or Director of Anesthesiology for the hospital you are working in and ask to shadow someone. If you have no one to contact, go to your nurse manager and have him or her reach out to the OR manager. If there is ever a PACU nurse that takes a patient to your unit seek the opportunity to make contacts since they routinely work alongside anesthesia providers, worse comes to worse, if there is a surgical resident or a code where a team member from anesthesia reports to, approach the CRNA/MDA at an appropriate time. If you work shifts, CRNAs typically carry a wireless or pager, call at a reasonable time although keep in mind this may rub some CRNAs the wrong way, especially if they are sleeping or they think you are calling with an emergency, NEVER call a code just to speak to a CRNA.

NEVER call a code just to speak to a CRNA.

Legitimately laughed out loud reading that! :roflmao:

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I know some of the schools can hook you up with some shadow experience with a hospital. You should ask the directors of the programs you're looking into.

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