SFSU/Canada College BSN Applicant Thread, Fall 2010 Cohort


Hi Everyone,

I posted this as a reply but then thought it was worth a separate thread. I've been accepted for fall 2010 to this program (I am pretty sure I have), but haven't received the acceptance package or other formal info about what the next steps are. Has any one else received theirs? Are there deadlines coming soon?


I am still waiting for mine too. Havent heard anything yet.


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I have heard that I am waitlisted.... :I


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Hi! I've been accepted as well and am very excited to start! I received my packet in the mail about a week after I saw my acceptance online. There are deadlines, but the only one coming up is:

- to ACCEPT ACCEPTANCE BY MAY 1. This can be done online.

Other than that, you have to:

- make sure lingering transcipts are in by July 14 (I think that's the date)

- submit exams/SAT scores showing you know math/English (once you accept online you'll be directed to a page that says what you need)

- submit immunizations (both this and Eng/math scores need to be received by SFSU by orientation

On that note...

-I signed up for an SFSU orientation but I've left Canada's office a message asking whether this is appropriate or whether there is a separate orientation for us and we don't need to take one SFSU provides (I'm fairly certain there's one specifically for us at Canada)

Excited to meet you all!!!!

PS: school doesnt' start till August...plenty of time for waitlist movement!


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Hi nikkifig,

Did your mail come from the SFSU Undergrad Admission or directly from the nursing program at Canada College? I received the mail too but it came from SFSU admission. My admission status at SFSU also shows that I have been accepted to Sequoia non-rn. But I thought we are supposed to receive a different mail where it comes directly from the nursing program. I havent signed up for orientation at SFSU. Would you mind sharing us the info when you hear back from canada?

Thank you!!


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I have an answer...

Earlier (as in when I wrote previous post), I only knew from sfsu.edu and from letter from SFSU. However, after I posted it I received a call from the program saying that they'd mixed up people's zip codes and are remailing their letters to us. Since I was in RWC I dropped by and filled out the intent form and gave to them. You don't need to drop by, but as soon as you get the letter (on SFSU, not Canada letterhead) either mail or fax it. There's an April 23 deadline which was, needless to say, extended.

The letter says we'll be receiving orientation information in mid June, so I'm understanding that I can cancel the SFSU orientation I registered (and paid) for, but am awaiting a response from Canada BSN office to confirm this. I will let you know when I find out.

Excited for fall!


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Thank you- I just received a welcome email from the nursing school and I have an appointment with the coordinator tomorrow. He will help me fill out a scholarship form. I will ask him lot of questions.

Nikkifig- do you take any classes this summer? I still have to take some GE classes but I dont want to take them this summer.


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Oh I am SO happy to see this thread!! And to see that other people are in the same boat! :)

I have not received anything from the Nursing Department in the mail yet, and last week, after calling and emailing Canada College (without success) I received a call from someone in the University Center. He told me that the person in charge of the Satellite BSN Program was out until this week, but that I was on his list of accepted students for the program. He also said to call back if I still didn't get anything by Monday (yesterday).

but, still no mail :( so i've been trying to get hold of someone again, and I'm getting a little frustrated. :( I'm just so scared that I miss a deadline. But I have declared my intent to register and will get my immunization stuff to them this week. I was trying to decide if I should enroll in the SFSU orientation, but after reading the previous posts, I think I'll wait for the one at Canada.

Does anyone know when the orientation is?? And how about the cost? I spoke to someone at SFSU who said that the cost of the satellite program is different to the SFSU program but she wasn't able to tell me how is was different.


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I went to the college today to talk to one of the coordinators. He said that the orientation hasnt been setting up yet due to the absence of the other coordinators. He expects that it would happen sometimes in June. Last year, the orientation was late.

In terms of the cost, I think it's about $5000 per year. I remembered I read from somewhere. But it may have increased this year due to budget cuts.


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I just saw the email too, official! I'm taking my last co-req right now and will have a free summer thank god. What sort of scholarship form did you fill out? I really need to get on that...


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It's an HRSA form. I am not sure if I will apply now even though he filled it out for me already. I might not be able to get everything done on time. I also received a $1000 scholarship from CSM this year. That isnt enough. I am looking for more. I went to a GED testing center and got another form to fill out. Hopefully, Ill get some $$ from this one too. I will ask my faverite counselor if she has more info for scholarships. I will let you know.


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I've been going crazy as well! I've been calling Canada and SFSU trying to get someone to tell me anything. I finally emailed the director of the program, Dr. Harvey and he confirmed my acceptance and said Sandra would mail/email me a letter next week when she returns. My friend received a letter at the beginning of April and I've been stressing since then!