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SF Bay Area New Grad

Hello Everyone!

I am a recent graduate from Massachusetts and have obtained my BSN. I am moving to the SF bay area January 5th and will be sitting for my NCLEX as soon as my paperwork is accepted. I have been looking around various hospital job openings and it appears that there are very few options for new grads... has anyone had any luck, or know of any hospitals in the area that take new grads? I have only been able to find two new grad programs, Standford, and Kaiser (which says to check back in January).

Any information helps!

Thank you:)

adventure_rn, BSN

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Do you absolutely have to move to SF? If you search through the CA forum, you'll see that the CA new grad job market (and the CA job market in general) is notoriously brutal. I started my first job in Southeastern US, and I knew several CA new grads who had applied unsuccessfully in CA for 6-12 months before leaving the area and applying for new grad jobs in other states. The vast majority of people on this site will recommend that you not move until you have a job offer in hand. It isn't impossible but it will likely be an uphill battle, and you may have to find another job to support yourself while you apply. You may also have to consider applying outside of the hospital (i.e. SNF, LTC) if you're dead set on moving. Best of luck.


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I am a nurse with 5 years of experience in and out of the US and have to move to the central coast for a hospital job. It depends on what your goals are and if you are willing to work other settings while waiting for these new grad programs. I will not say that it is impossible to land a hospital job in the area, but it will take a lot of patience, time and connections to make it work. But then, I have known a few people who got in a good program straight out of school. I'm from the Bay Area btw. Good luck! :)

Thank you! I have moved and finally got through the painful process of the NCLEX (cali is a long wait). I have applied to lots of new grad programs and hopefully will land one. I will be also looking at SNFs and Rehabs!


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