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Serious props


I finally received word from my BON. I now have 7 months of sobriety, and have almost been out of nursing for a year. This past year has given me incredible empathy, strength, and confidence. I am not afraid to face my board, nervous yes, frightened no. I know who I am and how hard I have worked. Whatever they choose to do, they choose to do. Now to my point! I couldnt imagine going before the board in early sobriety, I just can not fathom that action. I was in complete and utter terror in the beginning. I am so thankful to have my legs under me again before beginning this next stage. I am in awe of those of you who had to face this trial while your legs were still wobbly and life was so uncertain. Seriously in awe.

So, if you should ever doubt yourself, become uncertain of your strength, remember that there is someone in this world, no matter how far away I may be, who thinks YOU are just incredible, and admires your bravery. Remember that you don't have to feel brave- bravery is simply taking the action despite fear. Xoxo

Twoyear: What an incredibly nice thing to say! You have such a good head on your shoulders, such a good grasp on this deal, you seem so grounded!! You are going to continue to do great things with your life- I just know it!! :cheeky: