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Serious Nerve Break Down!

by blueGN blueGN (New) New

Hi all:

I took my NCLEX yesterday & had the most nerve-racking night in my life. The questions are unbelievable & so so hard ....I stop @ 212 comparing to most @ 75 & so if anybody knows any information & can tell me if there's any hope to this, plesae let's me know ...I think I'm going to go back crying now b/c I think I must fail it miserably ............

I took mine yesterday too. Mine shut off at 75 which I'm worried about because it either means I passed very well or I failed miserably. I've had friends in my class pass within the last month with ? ranges of 75 to 110 to 150 to 265. Try to do something nice for yourself to take your mind off the test. I am going shopping and to a movie today...but I know how you feel. I've slept a total of about 4 hours the past two nights!

I am right with ya! I took my NCLEX yesterday morning and it shut off at 75. I am freaking out b/c I feel like I totally bombed it! I feel like I got questions about random stuff and that there wasn't enough question variety to show what I know. I took an ATI review course the past few weeks and have used 2 review books as well and the thought of having to continue studying and get a part-time job for the next month or so is awful! Plus the unit I have a job with has been holding my job for a long time and I will probably lose it if I failed. Eek! The wait is killing me, but it helps to know others are in the same boat!

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All of you take a deep breath and relax. It doesn't matter how many questions you get asked the computer will determine if you meet requirements for a pass. If you keep getting questions it probably means you are on the border hence keep getting questions until something decided on pass or fail

Good luck to you all

Thanks runner2153. I have to work for the next 3 days straight so just passing time with a big nerve on fire ...well, most pass @ 75 so I think you did well & most likely better than me. Best to you.

still waiting...

my friend who took it tuesday found out 24 hours later that she passed! i guess i'm not that lucky.

guess i will start cleaning every nook and cranny of my house to pass the time :)

Jules & Runner: I pray for you both as I pray for myself but I seriously think I have failed very badly on this one --this is going to be a serious depressive month going forth ...best of lucks to both :)

Silverdragon: No matter how many times I have tried the deep breathing therapy, this hyperventilation problem will probably stay with me until I can see better result soon ............................ Thanks though.

Is there anybody out there passing above 200 but not finishing 265? I really want to hear more encouraging statistics???????????????????????

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 33 years experience.

I passed with 265 and if you read through the threads you will see a lot passed with more than 200 questions.

Good luck

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