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If any of you need help or would like to ask about the Part time Practical Nursing program at Seneca, I am here to help you. I am currently in my 2nd semester of the program. :)

Thank you so much. Are you in the Part Time program too? I have registered for 4 classes part time, as i work full time. This summer i registered for Math, Anatomy, Lab & clinical preparation. And then in the fall i will take healing, role development and anatomy 2. What do you think? Is it doable? Also, do you have any tips of which teachers to not take? lol:yes: Any tips for studying anatomy?

Let me know.


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Hi gosia29!

Yes I am on the part time program (currently studying for finals) then back to school again this summer semester!

I just finished those courses that you just listed. Here are some of my comments about the course:

Math: Passing rate is an 80. I know it seems a lot but when you are in the course, it is basically just simple math. Attend those math sessions if you can! They are very helpful. They are sort of like tutorials and you can ask questions about anything you're unsure about with your Math course. Every semester there will be a Math test (before doing your clinical placement), they want to see that you won't make any calculation errors and that you are a competent nurse. And every semester the passing rate goes higher (80% for 2nd semester, 85% for 3rd, 90% for 4th, there is no math test on the final semester).

Anatomy: this is where a lot of people struggle. Just make sure you study your notes every now and then. Use different colours of highlighters (this worked wonders for me haha). Use flashcards if you must. Write it down often so you will be able to remember it (For example, the flow of blood to the heart). Try to understand the concepts and do not memorize! Questions on tests are like: "Which is the most correct statement?" so it's kind of tricky. Everything is connected with each other. You'll be taking Anatomy for two semesters.

Clinical Lab: Are you taking this at Markham? I think that's the only choice. I had an instructor named Jessica Luo (My class was on Tuesdays 1:30-5:30) You'll learn basic skills in this class (Blood pressure, peri care, transferring, g feed, colostomy, catheter). I find this course straight forward. Make sure to practice lots when you can! We have practical tests and those can definitely boost up your mark if you know your stuff. This class is now marks based so it will affect your GPA.

Clinical Prep: You learn about Documentation, Communication, WHMIS, etc. You get to do a care plan and group presentation in this class too. Pretty easy class I must say!

Hope that helps! Seneca has been good so far. :)

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@ gosia29 - see you in math this summer. I'll be the one with the blank look on her face the entire time (math is so beyond me, it's just embarrassing) :banghead:

@ sevillje - This info on these classes is priceless - thank you so much! What is the Role Development class like? For some reason, I have this impression that it's all about writing papers regarding the history of nursing. I'm assuming this is inaccurate to a point. Is this a very intense class?


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Nursing math isn't difficult. If you can do fractions and decimal math you are fine.

Think along the lines of "if you have a one litre bag of normal saline and it's running at 125ml/hour, how many hours can the bag last? 1000/125=8.

Give forty mgs of Lasix. It's available in 5mg tablets. How many tablets do you give? And no the correct answer isn't call the pharmacy and ask for a 40mg tablet, lol.

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*hangs up the phone* pfft, no no, of course I wouldn't call the pharmacy... :roflmao:

(for real, thank you though, it helps to have an idea of what to expect)


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Hi @CLNormand!

Just finished my last exam this Wednesday (April 22nd). Freedom for 3 weeks so I am pretty stoked about that!

I am not the best in Math too but I promise you, it's not that difficult. Just make sure you understand the question and you know the equation to use- then everything will be a breeze. Again, there's Math workshops on campus (If you are taking the part time program, you'll be at Seneca Newnham Campus) and they are pretty helpful. Take a chance to check it out!

About Role Development: This class tackles on the dry stuff of Nursing. Nursing history, Ethics, College of Nursing guidelines, etc. It's kind of like your Nursing theory class. This is a pretty easy class I must say. The breakdown of my class last Fall 2014 semester was:

Term Journal 10%

Midterm Exam 30%

Group Presentation 15%

Final Exam 40%

With the breakdown I gave you, it may seem overwhelming but this is not really a heavy class. Questions on the midterms and finals are scenario based and you have to put your critical thinking cap on. Just make sure your answer would make sense on the question.