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I'm looking to transfer to another school at the moment. Mind me asking how you know so much about this? You work for CNO or something?

The information about Seneca's low CPNRE pass rates and CNO's program approval rating is available to the public, it's on CNO's website.


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I already read the CNO website, I also e-mailed the CEO of CNO. I think the issue is possibly with International students in the program at Seneca. As for Centennial's program being identical to the full time program, you are correct. However, Seneca's part time program is also identical to the full time program.

As for Humber, I'm not sure who told you the part time program was available but it is not. I asked and applied, I also e-mailed one of head admission officers, who told me it taken out due to some issues with it and CNO.

My main questions are (if anyone has ACCURATE information about this) can I do an RN program if I get my RPN license and have a good GPA from Seneca. Lets say I did not want to go to York, but somewhere, ANY where else. Would I be admitted to a bridging RPN to RN program?


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As long as you meet the requirements then yes.


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Seneca's part time program is not identical to the full time at King or Yorkgate it has many issues and many full time students did not want to have any association with the part time one because of the quality of education being received.

A friend graduated from King and took one course through the part time program and said she teachers spoon feed the students not even closely comparable to the quality of education received at King.

Also as previously mentioned your best course of action would be contact whichever bridging program you are interested in directly you still have a year and a bit left perhaps focus on finishing up the program then figure things out.

No one on a forum board can tell you - Yes you would be admitted only applying to the school can tell you whether or not you would be admitted

What is emailing the CEO of the CNO going to do for you ?? Nothing can change the situation is as it is. Seneca has maintained the lowest exam results continuously and the CEO can not change that or help only the school can perhaps emailing the head of Seneca would of been a better choice.


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It appears the only program that has problems is Seneca's part time one as it remains closed and the full time is back on track.

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