Sell house while working night shift?


My S/O and I (she's the nurse) are planning to sell our house later this year, but with her working overnights 7P-7A, rotating days, I think it would be quite difficult for her to sleep, or for that matter for the house to be available to show. She loves working this shift, but as I am sure that many of you can relate, when she is done, she needs to come home and get some quality (undisturbed) sleep.

I plan on discussing this with whatever realtor we choose, but also wanted to post a note here and see if any of you had similar experiences, or advice to share. If it helps at all, we live in AZ

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We sold our house while I was working nights, 5 days a week. The good news is - most people also worked and usually did day jobs, so evenings were perfect for them and for me because I could sleep during the day.

It worked out just fine, we just made sure the realtor understood, no showings unless she called 1st and no calling/showing until after 4:30 p.m.

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I've sold a couple of condos while working nights.

I was very clear and my realtor understood loud and clear, no shows without a prior appointment. Or at least some notice "we're coming now, is it o.k.?" kind of call. I was very fussy about getting my sleep when I worked nights, something day people, house shoppers and realtors don't have a clue about. Eventually however, both sold after I moved so it wasn't an issue.


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My realtor used the appointment only, time limit (after 630 pm) rules also, so as to not disturb my tenants. Make sure any limiting is shown w/the little sign placed below the big one in front of the house. And if it is really a problem for your wife's sleep it would be worth it for her to get a room at a hotel when she really needs some quality sleep. Consider it as part of the cost of getting the house sold.

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We sold two houses (one on the market for 11 months) while I worked nights. I put a sign on the front door and my bedroom door that I was not to be disturbed unless there was fire outside the bedroom door (and I meant it!). Never had a problem. Had a note in the MLS listing that no calls or showing prior to 1700 and that was that.


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We sold our house while I was working nights. The open house was on my weekend off so that was not a problem.

The thing I remember the most is that I missed the call from the realtor saying we had a offer. I slept through it and the machine picked it up!


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I wasnt a nurse but I did work nights, I moved into a hotel, for the weeks we showed - ok its expensive but I got my sleep


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I sold 2 houses andI work nights. My realtor would inform me the night before and I would sleep in the den on the couch and close the door. the realtor came in told to perspective buyers that I was a nurse and worked nights and requested that the not disturb me. Everyone understood and it never affected the sales.

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