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Does anyone have a self med program? Our extended care center is revamping theirs and needs suggestions. Am looking for forms and rules regarding admission to the program, monitoring, evaluation, contracts. Anything anyone has would be helpful. Thank you.


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I work in labor and delivery and our self med program consists only of ibuprofen, tylenol, stool softeners.

A patient can participate based on a physician's order only.

Contraindications to participation are altered mental status based on any number of factors, from drug induced (if someone was on a PCA) to organic causes.

A teaching sheet with the self meds are given to the patient and instructed. She signs as well as the nurse. An administration record is kept at the bedside for the patient to record when she takes the meds, and at discharge it becomes a permanent part of her medical record. Included in this is a sheet containing general information regarding each drug.

It seems to work very well on our unit - our patients like the independence and the decreased waiting time for effective pain relief.

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Hi Anne, Along time ago when I first was a nurse I worked in a health related facility. We had a self med program. The doctor would approve the self med people. The night shift would pour the meds into little containers that were marked for each time meds were taken. The night nurses would bring the containers in the room in the am. And take the empty ones out. This was a check to see if the meds were being taken. Also we gave alot of encouragement and support at first. Making sure the meds were taken properly and at the right time. Don't know if this helps but this was my experience. Also if we found pills left in the containers then we would talk it over with the residents. Some didn't want the responsibilty some did. bye ...good luck


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We use it on "home meds". We obtain a physician's order for "Mom to administer home meds per home dosage and schedule". We then send the home meds to our pharmacy for "verification", they verify the lable on the bottle matches the drug in the bottle. Then we give them back to the parents to give. We do record them on the MAR so we can keep record of what the child is receiving.

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