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Self-Isolation at Home? LTC Home Outbreak.


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Hello all! I am looking for some advice regarding self-isolation at home.

I am an RPN working in a LTC home that is currently in outbreak. We have several residents and staff members who have tested positive. Our house has a basement with it’s own bathroom, fridge, and separate walk out. I’m wanting to self-isolate down there to keep my family safe, but they think I’m being ridiculous. I live with my 20 something year old husband and both in laws who are in their 50s. Is it a good idea to stay away from them during this time? Thank you in advance.


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I would self isolate if I were you, esp since it is your own basement. Many others are doing this and paying for it also, you've got the perfect set up.

You got nothing to lose (except maybe being lonely) and everything to gain (unless you have some extenuating circumstances).

Be safe!!

Of course, it's better to try to isolate if you can. They may not see the point, but you are thinking of them. It's better to be safe than sorry:)