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  1. Peditra

    Dream Job offered

    If it's your dream job, I would go for it. The current hospital won't like it, but at least it's early on. And as the previous poster said, the hospital would not hesitate to lay you off if they needed it!
  2. Peditra

    Negotiating pay rate as new grad RN

    Hi everyone, I got a job offer for a position that I've been looking for- acute peds, not on night shift, tuition assistance ($5,000 yr) for my RN-BSN and I loved the unit tour and the people I met when I was interviewing. The only problem is the pay is $4 less per hour than where I am currently at. I work at a SNF and was a LPN for awhile before I became a RN. I've been interviewing, and frankly, the RN pay rates are horrible. I interviewed at SNFs that had better pay. The new grad RN rates for all the hospitals I interviewed at were what I made as a LPN in a SNF. Even at CHOP the rate they offered me was low. And yes, I know CHOP is known for low pay. My question is: For people who have negotiated base pay, is there a nice way to phrase it to see if they will adjust it a bit? I certainly don't except anywhere near what I make now, but a little extra would be nice. CHOP did offer me about 7% more than base salary, but they brought up the topic of pay. I have to call them back and I'm not sure how to phrase it.... Thank you:)
  3. Peditra

    LPN to RN without the bridge option

    I just realized I said "Go for it, girl!" and I don't know if you are a male or female, but I figured the display name Aspirational Beauty is a female...
  4. Peditra

    LPN to RN without the bridge option

    I chose to do the entire 2 year program instead of doing the bridge. It was because I needed to have finished A&P I and II before taking the bridge program and I i didn't have it done in time. I would have had to wait an extra year to start just so I could test out of the first semester. I decided waiting one more year for one semester wasn't worth it. I ended up taking A&P II in my first semester of the RN program. I didn't regret the decision. I felt like going back to basics was helpful. In LPN school, doing a 40 hour a week program meant a lot of cramming and not enough info retained. Doing the RN program from the start made me realize how much I had forgotten! I was able to help my fellow classmates a lot and being a LPN made the RN program (relatively) easy, especially pharmacology. There were LPNs who came on in the second semester since they did the bridge and they struggled a bit. I had the benefit of having a whole semester (the easiest semester) of getting to know the teachers, getting used to the hours, and getting in the mindset required for nursing school. I had time to adjust. They didn't because they came into a harder semester and had to start new when the rest of us already had months to get into the routine. I also developed very close friendships with my clinical group because we all started out together. Go for it, girl! Passing the NCLEX RN and seeing my name pop up on the BON was so exciting! And the two years flew by, for me and for the LPNs who came later in the program...
  5. Peditra

    Career change at 30 LPN right move?

    Graduated a few months ago as a LPN. Almost 30. I work 2 part time jobs, total 36hrs/wk, making @$47,000/yr around Philly aread. $27.50 at one, the other $24.