Selection criteria help


2. Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication, interpersonal skills and the ability to identify key messages, issues and concerns when communicating with others.

. Demonstrated ability to proactively engage with patients/clients to enhance service delivery and to guide others in providing service excellence.

. Demonstrated ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and apply professional and ethical boundaries when dealing with complex situations.

Detailed knowledge and understanding of risk management, safety and quality principles and the role of the Registered Nurse in applying these principles.


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I'm just don't know how to answer those selection criteria


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Who is asking? Are they for a job application, or are you being evaluated by somebody, or are you evaluating somebody?


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Its for a job application and i want to know how can i answer this selection criteria as i haven't done it before.

Well, you've already demonstrated here that you can't do the first one. /snark

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Here goes.

If the organization utilizes behavioral interviewing techniques, you will be asked questions designed to gather information about each criteria. Things like "Tell me about a time when you were faced with an ethical issue". The interviewer will expect you to respond with a story about your experience.... you can't put them off by offering vague comments like "I believe ethics are very important". Nope - they want specific examples.

So, if you just search your memory banks and come up with your own experiences that illustrate your ability to meet those criteria, you'll be OK. If you don't have any any relevant experience, just 'fess up and say so. Don't try to fake it.


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Government nursing positions in Australia have selection criteria that is part of the application process. Applicants need to answer these criteria for the selection committee to to identify if you are qualified or not for the position. Then they will contact shortlisted applicants to undergo a panel interview. cheers!