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Hey all-I have an interview coming up and I just went out and bought a new suit and shirt to go with it--which was a little painful given the fact that I will never wear it after I start working. Here's the question-it's been almost 20 years since I've interviewed for a job. What do I wear for hosiery? It's summer and I would normally not wear hose but I don't think that's interview appropriate. The suit is black, but black tights look too heavy. "Back in the day", I would have worn black panyhose, but now that seems almost too "sexy." Nude hose? I haven't worn them since jr. high, but will if that's what's appropriate. I tried on pants, but being short, looked just awful, like I was wearing a man's tux. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I go to a LOT of conferences where managers and administrators congregate. I would say 75% or more are bare-legged under their powersuits. I wouldn't wear pantyhose on a bet!

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I would definitely wear the nude pantyhose -- or whatever shade most closely matches your skin tone. If you are going to wear suit, complete the professional look with the appropriate hosiery. Some managers/directors/VP's etc. might go to conferences with bare legs sometimes ... but they already have their jobs. You don't. Wear the traditional "correct" choice to get the job.

Update: I ended up wearing black tights. Pretty cool and rainy this morning so it didn't really seem odd. Keeping fingers crossed...love the job!

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Good luck!

Aw!!! Thanks!

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