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Seeking information on Green Cards

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Hi, I am a Canadian nurse who is looking for information from people who have applied for and received Green Cards. I will soon be applying for a Green Card from within the US (i.e., the "Adjustment of Status" way of applying for a Green Card). I have two options for this - one is to have my current travel company as my sponsor, the other is to have take a position with a hospital who is willing to sponsor me. Does anyone know how quickly this process takes? Does it make a difference as to who the sponsor is? I know that there are different Green Card processing centers in the US, does anyone know which is the fastest? I'm in Hawaii currently...

I am concerned about all of this because the whole Retrogression thing was just lifted, and worry that by the time I have filed, it will be back in place, and my hubby and I will be stuck in line, and he will not be able to work because he will not have received his work authorization.

Also, is a person bound to the sponsor legally until the Green Card arrives, or can he/she work for other companies? I have a feeling that the answer to this question is no, but thought I'd put it out there anyway. Not that I think this is a problem necessarily, but if it takes 3 years to receive a Green Card I would want to know that I'm working for a good place!!

Any help that anyone can give would be great! I'd love to hear from people regarding their own experiences, or any knowledge they have to share at all...


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I doubt you will get many responses to your question in this forum because most of us who post here are Americans and we don't really know a whole lot about visas and green cards. Try posting your question in the international nursing forum. Suzanne4 is the expert when it comes to immigration issues for nurses, and she has a thread in the international forum specifically for questions like yours.

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I am also A Canadian. We have lived here almost 13yrs. It took a very long stressful time to get our green cards. (appox 5yrs)

Gambro ( now Davita) paid for me and I paid for the family. It seemed like every time you turn around there was another idiotic thing that ICIS (INS) wanted. Get your CGNFS asap as they are the only company allowed to verify your Canadian education (therefore charge beaucoups!!!)and get ready to write the boards again. ( I did after 10yrs after my CNAT) Then the lawyer let my status go out and I couldn't work for x2wks. That did not go over well on both sides.

Hopefully your INS office is closer to you than ours is as it will be well frequently visited by you.

It really makes me mad when we see all these illegals around (I am in the south) and we did the legal way.

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