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Seeking Advice in Philadelphia!

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by davidinphiladelphia davidinphiladelphia (New Member) New Member

davidinphiladelphia works as a Higher Education.

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Hello all. I have been following allnurses.com for many years and am finally posting! I have had a longing to be a nurse for over 13 years. My concern with following this dream are the costs! I believe I have a game plan in place and would appreciate any feedback. I am not looking at the Post-Bac accelerated programs in the area due to the costs ($35-$45K). Thank you in advance! 

Some personal information: I am 36 years old with a BA in a non-healthcare field (and $100K in student debt). I plan to work as a CNA while completing prereqs and possibly during the nursing program at CCP. I have a 9-year-old son and my spouse would be the main source of income for our family during this time. My plan is as follows: 

Red Cross CNA program: $1,250(working as a CNA will provide some income and get my foot in the door—would hope to work in a hospital setting) 

I am interested in completing CCP’s Post Bac Acceletred Nursing Program: to complete the program prereqs, the cost would be approx. $2,895(4 courses over two academic terms / 1 year). 

Estimated cost for CCP’s post-bac program (based on tuition rates online): $6K-$8K(left some wiggle room) 

I was able to find some RN-BSN programs for as low as $25K—Total estimated cost over 3 years $37,145. 

I would hope to find a nursing position while completing the RN-BSN

Is this realistic? I feel that I would only be adding an additional year compared to the post-bac programs, but would be able to save a lot of money. 

Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you all

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