Second thoughts on becoming a nurse?


I know I want to help people. I know I want to care for people. I want them to have a better medical experience from before. I want them to feel heard and understood. Yet sometimes I wonder if the nursing role is for me. I have been able to spend time in OB- and hope to end up working here. I know it is very difficult for a new nurse to be hired onto an OB department. Does anyone else get second thoughts about school? Or worried they might not like being a nurse? What do you do to remind yourself to stick with it?


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I would remind myself of the original reasons I entered nursing. Pat yourself on the back for how far you have come. Be encouraged- you have found an area you like and just take each step as it comes. Stay in the "moment" and avoid what I call "futurizing". All the "what ifs" will increase your anxiety level. Hope this helps.

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More often than not, you won't have time to "hear" and "understand". You'll be running nonstop and just trying to keep your head above water.

Health care is big business, and if you fail to realize that going into it, you're likely to be very disappointed.

OB is a difficult specialty to get into in some markets, but very easy in others. If you're willing to move, that will increase your chances of finding work in that area as a new graduate.

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I second guess my choice to go to nursing school all the time when I don't feel confident about something or didn't do so well on a exam. I just think to myself, there is nothing else you want to do besides this, and it makes me refocus. I think doubting from time to time goes with the territory. Now if you hate or agonize about it, that is a whole different story.


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This is where I'm going to have trouble - accepting health care as big business. What specialties or areas would you suggest where this might be less of an issue?