Second Semester jitters!!


After a whole summer of putting my nursing studies aside (probably should've been reading etc, right?) second semester is coming quick. I am so nervous, I have not kept up on anything over the summer. Am I the only one who did not spend the summer studying? Will this be a bad thing once school starts? I have heard that second semester there is no "coddling" as my instructor says and they expect you to get right in there. :eek: I am gonna have to pull a little confidence out of a hat I think!!!

How bout the rest of you? have you been studying or taking the summer off??? :cool:

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I have studied very little over the summer. I will probably start getting into my studies 2 weeks before school start. We have readings and videos to watch prior to our first day.


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I haven't been studying either!!! And I am feeling the same way, nervous, scared all of the above! School starts in 2 weeks and I just started reading what I need to know before school starts and working on dosage problems for our dosage test.

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If it makes you feel better, I found 2nd semester to be the easiest. Essentially though all the semesters are the same on difficulty, your mindset is what makes one more difficult than the other! As for studying your a** off over the summer, your brain and body do need a break from it or you get burnt out before it even starts. It's not the person who studies the most but the person who studies the smartest.


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I havent studied either! We start back in a month. I took 4 summer classes needed for my BSN to I havent had a chance to think of opening a nursing book. But my last day of class it today and Im going to spend the next month getting back into nursing mode. I absolutely have to get these IV calculations down before school starts!

I have certainly not spent my whole summer in the books, however I did read through the "electrolytes made easy" book and the 'med-surg made easy" book. It really helped to keep my brain working and keep ideas at the front of mind that will be covered in more detail this coming semester. If you are looking for an easy and light read to act as a refresher and to give you some really great ways to remember the "difficult" stuff check out the "made incredibly easy" series- they have a book for just about everything in nursing school and they are great!! you can find them pretty cheap on amazon too!