SECOND Quarter 2015 NCLEX Passing Stats

by RNsRWe RNsRWe, ASN, RN (Member)

SECOND Quarter, April through June, 2015.

Here goes:

First time NCLEX RN applicants, US-educated: 87.92%**

First time NCLEX PN applicants, US-educated: 79.71%

First time NCLEX RN applicants, foreign-educated: 32.50%

First time NCLEX PN applicants, foreign-educated: 45.39%

Repeaters, NCLEX RN, US-educated: 42.97%

Repeaters, NCLEX PN, US-educated: 32.16%

Repeaters, NCLEX RN, foreign-educated: 18.12%

Repeaters, NCLEX PN, foreign-educated: 23.43%

** Slight variations between program types are normal, and are not significant as a trend (they go up and down enough to not be statistically significant either way). THIS quarter, the variations for first-time RN candidates, US educated were from 85.44% to 90.89% depending on program type-- BSN, ASN, Diploma. Next quarter, the individual specs could be reversed; only the average is listed here.

Will put up next quarter when available.

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