Second Guessing My Choice of Career


I don't really know where this thread goes so I'll write it here. Yesterday I went with my mother in law to start the difficult process of stem cell harvesting. While I was in the room, a nurse and another girl, whom I'm assuming was also a nurse or a student, came in and started the harvesting. The "big" nurse was incredibly ugly to the " little" nurse. Talking hatefuly to her and at one time even physicaly shoving her out of the way. Told her if she didn't leave her vials alone she was going to pinch her head off.(It looked to me as if the "little" nuurse was doing her job and numbering the vials to be used.) I'm currently taking my pre- reqs at the local university, and I'll be honest, I don't know how well I could work under circumstances such as those. My head would fly off my body if someone treated me that way. :angryfire It was so bad I almost spoke up. What happend to being professional? Am I niave in thinking that as nurses we have compassion,even to our fellow nurses? Now I' know every one has off days, but there was no reason that I could see for this nurse to treat the other the way she did. And it wasn't just her, the rest of the nurses also would back bite the other's as they left the room. Right in front of us! It made a stresfull day for my mom in law that much worse. I want to be a nurse with all my heart. Currently I'm a hairdresser, and we are notorious for being catty to each other. But really, in my 20 years working in salons I've never seen anything this bad. So tell me, how do you plan to handle this if and when it happens to you?


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Hi KeepTryin ~~

That IS a very unfortunate situation you were placed in. I'm of the mind, in ANY circumstance, that things don't get changed unless you try. Try is all you an do (your part). SO many people are pessimistic these days (i.e. "that's everywhere" , etc etc -- that does NOT mean it's ok). My g/f and I are HUGE critics on "customer service" and we will voice our sayso when we receive horrible service as well as exceptional. If I were in your situation I would have spoken up. Even now that you did not -- I would call back and ask for the charge nurse's name and either make an appointment to talk w/her, email her, call or something. That behavior was ABsolutely unprofessional, uncaring, and UNacceptable. You are right to feel the way you do regarding the situation.

If it is in your heart to be in the healthcare profession then do not let this situation sway you...if anything allow it to sway you in the direction of making a positive difference:):)

Good luck to you:):)


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I agree...don't let this stop you. I would imagine not all nurses treat everyone that way, but I know there are some. If this is what you want to do, don't let that stop you. Not all people are nice, unfortunately.


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Also keep in mind that no matter what profession you go into (unless you work at home, by yourself, with no boss or customers!) you will run into rude people. It isn't something that is specific to nursing!


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OMG, how horrible. But keep in mind that this was probably a personal thing and has no refelction on the nursing career. This could have been a clash of personalities. Or maybe the senior nurse just has no patience, or maybe she's just a jerk....don't let something like this affect your decision. You could encounter people like that no matter what you choose to do.

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