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Hi! I have been taking prerequisites to attend nursing school for nearly 4 years now. I already have a bachelors in healthcare administration and I work as a patient experience manager. In my work with nurses, I have been really drawn to the field. I finally got accepted to start the program this fall. I also have a one year old and I am currently the breadwinner/benefits provider for my family. I have a few questions for those of you who have been through this because I am wondering if I should put this dream on hold for a few years. Is it reasonable to think I can do school, work part time, and be a mom? We want to have more babies- how long after starting a career as a nurse would it be reasonable to take maternity leave? Is it harder to go back once kids are in school?

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Just curious if your husband is able to increase his hours and obtain benefits? Also does he help with the child care quite a bit? I think I would have a long sit down chat with him and let him know what lies ahead and that you will need his help.


He works for a small family business so isn't eligible for benefits. He is looking for a new job right now. I worry he won't be able to focus on finding something new or doing well there while also needing to pick up any slack with childcare. He's a great dad and super supportive. I don't know if this is maybe too much at once.

Do you have programs at your school to help with daycare? I would ask financial aid or ask DFACS office if you can qualify for government daycare assistance. I don't know if this was what you were looking for, but I hope it helps.

I haven't asked about that. We have a lot of assets, so I don't imagine we would qualify for any kind of assistance. Daycare is $900/month which would be really tight.

I haven't asked about that. We have a lot of assets, so I don't imagine we would qualify for any kind of assistance. Daycare is $900/month which would be really tight.

The WIOA program at my school is on individual basis so you never know. It don't hurt to try. The worse they can do is say no lol

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When I went to nursing school, my kids were 2, 4 and 6 years old. I also worked full-time, taught Sunday school, swimming lessons, and had time for quality family time. If it's what you want or need to do, you will get it done. I was fortunate that daycare wasn't an issue because my husband was a stay-at-home dad for many years, but even if he hadn't been, I needed to finish the degree to make sure I could provide for my family. You can do it, don't listen to people that tell you that you can't. Good luck!!

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900 a month for daycare ? Can you take courses online and leave clinicals for when the baby is older?If you both work who is supporting whom?Unless you have a wide net of support like extended family,a stay at home husband that knows how to cook clean,I would wait.

We're wearing the same shoes!!! First, do not give up on your dream, esp if it took you forever to get to where you are today! Secondly you and hubby NEED to have talk about work hours, child care etc. Match up your school schedule with your job to see how much or how less both of you can both of you can put in... u know stuff like that. Get things lined up before school. Many mothers have done it before us. Our case is not different and they don't have two heads. :) Then get ready for the two years down a tough road, before we know it, it'll be over. I hope this encourages you, as mush as other women on here did. You CAN do it! Let me know h0w things work for you :) Best wishes.

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