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i am a lpn for 2 years now. and i'm interested in going on to get my rn. but i've made a few academic mistakes in the past. after graduating from high school, i've changed my majors many times and failed many classes. i then went to lpn school. i back at broward community college to try and get into the nursing program. but i'm hearing stories of how competitive the admission process is. i know that the program is hard and i'm ready for it, i'm at a different place in my life now. i'm currently on academic probation, pending my current semester classes. my question is has anyone gotten into the nursing program at broward community college coming off of an academic probation? i would like to know before i invest my time & energy trying to get into the program & not getting in. any feedback would be helpful.:icon_roll


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What is academic probation and how did you get it if you did well enough to become an LPN?


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sounds like you are probably going to have to take a lot of classes over again if you want to get in. But it also depends on how you do in your nursing pre-reqs. I think for some schools those are the only ones that they look at.


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If your on Academic probation, the chances of you getting into a nursing school will be slim until you pull up your grades. Most schools require a "C" or better in the prerequisites and some require "B" in the science classes. I suggest that you take the required classes and pass them in order to get off academic probation.Talk to a counselor at your school the nursing program and ways to increase your chances of getting in.

I feel your pain, but you have rise above and get better grades. When I graduated from Highschool, my grades sucked. As you get older, you become more responsible and make better grades.

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