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Hello everyone!

I am committed to moving to Philadelphia soon and the suburbs. I will be coming with 2 years of nursing experience and will be close to graduating with my BSN (couple of classes to go). I work on a busy cardiac floor. I'm looking at Abington, PA as a place to live, but I do have an aunt that works at Nazareth Hospital.

Is there anyone that can give me some information on the application of getting my license transferred from AZ to PA? Anyone out there that lives in these areas that can give me some information of good places to live/work? I have 2 small children.

I would appreciate any information!

Thank you so much in advance for your help! I can't wait to be a Philadelphia resident! :)

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pa bon link: [color=#003399]licensure by endorsement with temporary practice permit

abington is a nice area to live.

area hospitals within 30min drive are:

[color=#1155cc]abington memorial hospital -does not hire nicotene users

[color=#1155cc]holy redeemer hospital has home care agency + long term care facilities

[color=#1155cc]jeanes hospital -union, affiliated with temple university

[color=#1155cc]nazareth hospital has affiliated home care agency

see philly magazine's list of top locations and school districts. ambler nearby abignton touted as one of top 10 locals this year.


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Thank you for your response!


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All of the Main Line hospitals. Lankenau, Paoli, Bryn Mawr. HUP, Presbyterian, ARIA, Jefferson. Places to live: general areas, Montgomery County Delaware County


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Good thing I don't smoke! Thank you for your information-very helpful!