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Seasonal work (non-nursing) on resume?


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I have a job at a retail store over the holidays. I will probably only work there maybe 2 months. I am making about a third of what a RN makes in my area, but 1/3 is better than nothing! I was just wondering if I should put this on my resume since it is only seasonal and not related to nursing at all. Thanks!

Jules A, MSN

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If they want all former employers I would put it. Being able to learn a job quickly and working hard is an asset to nursing. Imo someone that was resourceful and hustled a bit when necessary looks way better than someone who didn't work at all.


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Thanks! Plus I don't know if I will get a nursing job after the holidays. They might just decide to keep me. I never expected to work retail after graduating from nursing school but I have to do something to pay the bills ;)

llg, PhD, RN

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I agree. Include it. It shows you are wanting to work ... and have the ability to work with people in a hectic environment.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy your seasonal job and find a nursing job soon.

I'm in the exact same situation! After spending the last 3 months job searching and filling out online applications... I needed something to keep my sanity and ward off boredom. I must admit that after months of hearing nothing back from the hospitals I applied to, it was kind of a morale booster to get a phone call, interview and job offer all within 48 hours of submitting my application. I just pray this seasonal job stays seasonal and I can find a nursing job for the new year. But until then, I'm Sophie RN, BSN, Target Employee. Who woulda thunk?

Thanks for asking the question... I was wondering the same thing :up:


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sophie03....I know what you mean about it feeling good being hired (even if it wasn't for nursing). Sitting at home was getting too depressing....I needed to do something! Hopefully all of us unemployed nurses get Nursing Jobs soon!!! Good luck in your Job Search!