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  1. sophie03

    illinois license

    I actually just went through the same process last month, applying for my Illinois license coming from Iowa! I can relate, it is a frustrating process mostly because it's nearly impossible to get ahold of any person in the IDFPR to ask any questions... I have succeeded a few time though after waiting on hold for 20+ minutes. I think if you do the fingerprint cards you have to use the official IL ones- I got one by writing (snail mail style) the IDFPR and actually received one in the mail after about a week or so. This was before I realized there were actual people there you could talk to, but you had to have some serious patience and stay on hold. I took the card to my local police station, was printed for $10, but then had a hard time finding out where I could send the card to have it processed. I think Dekalb may have been an option, but there was another fee to have them process it. So, in the essence of time, I ended up going to an actual Livescan fingerprinter (there's one in Davenport if you're close-by) to have them done electronically, and I would recommend doing it this way if you can! It was $50, but very easy and took a whole 15 minutes. They send your prints directly to the IL State Police, and I'm sure it helped my licensing go quicker. I received my temp license 2 weeks ago and my permanent one was posted online this week. Anyway, hope this helped! Good luck!
  2. sophie03

    Scott & White Internship

    I know, I tried looking up how to message you as well, but I also have not reached the required number of posts. Working on it though! But your input has helped a lot. At least I can hold out hope that I still may get a call I'm one of those unlucky "new grads" who has been searching for about 5 months now, put in countless applications and received one call. But, those were all in Illinois, so I'm broadening my horizons! Thanks again. Congrats to you on your success! And I'll probably be back with more questions if I hear from them
  3. sophie03

    Scott & White Internship

    Thank you for your response Lisa! I have actually completed all of the application and have been notified that my information was "routed" to the other hospitals. Now I guess I just wait! I guess I was also curious how long you waited before you heard from a hiring manager. Did you apply and interview recently or was it a while ago? I feel like I'm applying late, but hopefully there are some positions left! I have spoken to some of the Residency program staff, and they're always so helpful, but I also enjoy hearing your experiences since you've already gone through the process! Thanks again for your help!
  4. sophie03

    Scott & White Internship

    Lisak- Can you tell me anything about the Seton application process? Or interview process? I applied recently and am still waiting to hear back, but I was just curious if you could share any of your experiences with them. It sounds like they have a great program! Thanks!
  5. sophie03

    Seasonal work (non-nursing) on resume?

    I'm in the exact same situation! After spending the last 3 months job searching and filling out online applications... I needed something to keep my sanity and ward off boredom. I must admit that after months of hearing nothing back from the hospitals I applied to, it was kind of a morale booster to get a phone call, interview and job offer all within 48 hours of submitting my application. I just pray this seasonal job stays seasonal and I can find a nursing job for the new year. But until then, I'm Sophie RN, BSN, Target Employee. Who woulda thunk? Thanks for asking the question... I was wondering the same thing
  6. sophie03

    Help, please!! Changing license to different state

    I'm also in the process of applying for a license through endorsement and have been trying to call the number on the Illinois site for a few days now with the same problem... always getting a busy signal- it's very frustrating. The website is confusing enough! I have another question dealing with the application. Does everyone have to submit fingerprints for background checking when applying for a license in Illinois? Or is it only when applying for your first license as a RN? I was already fingerprinted for my initial license in my current state a year and a half ago and was confused by the information regarding this in the application packet.