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hi everyone,

i'm currently a senior graduating in may with a bachelors in biology and living in virginia. i've always wanted to become a nurse and live in new zealand or australia. the problem is, i don't know where to start looking for nursing schools in either area. i'm extremely interested in becoming a crna, so if anyone out there has any information on where to start my search for nursing schools particularly those with nurse anethetist programs, please let me know! also, seeing that i will already have a bachelors degree in may, i'm looking for accelerated bachelors in nursing programs or bs to masters crna programs. sadly, i don't even know if they have such things in nz or australia, but any information would be great.

thanks for all your help!


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Hi vttinytot - welcome to allnurses :)

Have you checked out the sticky thread at the top of the Aussie/NZ forum? It has a lot of information about nursing in Australia. You can also try - it lists all the tertiary education programs in Australia. maybe you could hunt through that for nurse anaesthesia courses.

Good luck!

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And now for the bad news - we do not have CRNA's here. Sorry!


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In Melbourne 3 unis have accelerated grad. programs though, they are Latrobe university, University of Melbourne and Victoria University. takes 2 years to get Bachelor of Nursing full-time. heres webs if I can remember If you want can get honors in extra year and straight into Phd.

As for anaesthetics, you can get post grad dips/masters in theatre nursing but Doctors trained in anaesthetics are supposed to still be the ones giving the stuff and looking after patient in that respect.

by the way,, I think all these universities start, like all our schools start, at the beginning of the year, unis begin end of feb early march through to November. Not as confusing as the mid year starts that the Northern hemisphere has. New year, Begin new grade, start new course, continue course. Makes sense to me!!!

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For NZ, you can contact the education provider directly and discuss your need with them. They are usually very approachable. The few education providers which I can recall are UCOL, Massey University, Whitireia Community Polytechnic. Go on to Google or Yahoo seach engines and try nursing schools nz. In NZ, all the nursing qualifications have been standardised. There are no more Diploma in Nsg but Bachelor degree now. All the Polytechnics are accredited to teach most bachelor degrees now and the duration of undergrad studies are 3 years for nursing. There is the State Exams that you will need to pass to be able to be registered as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse and be able to practise as a nurse.

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