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Scrubs and Stethoscopes Giveaway from Medelita

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What better way to celebrate National Nurses Week than by winning? How about winning free scrubs or a free stethoscope courtesy of Medelita?!?


Medelita has spent years testing and developing proprietary fabric technology for their scrubs to exceed your expectations as a nurses. Their scrubs are strong, easy to clean and fluid repellent.

Medelita's Erka stethoscopes are manufactured in Germany. Made with the highest standards in mind, their Erka line of stethoscopes are easy to use, durable and functional.

Now that you know the basics about Medelita's scrubs and stethoscopes, isn't it time to enter to win?!?

Contest Ended

Entering is as easy as CLICKING HERE and filling out the short entry form. During National Nurses Week we will be selecting winners for 50 pairs of scrubs and 50 stethoscopes. Keep an eye on your email inbox so when you win you can claim your prize! Winners will receive a unique coupon code in their email to be used at medelita.com and each prize is valued at $100!

Happy Nurses Week and good luck!

bsyrn, ASN, RN

Specializes in Peds, School Nurse, clinical instructor. Has 22 years experience.

Awesome, Thank you :)

Thank You! I've been a nurse for 48 years. Would love

to win. Thanks for the opportunity.


Has 6 years experience.

Thank you! Can't wait to try your products!

What a way to bless nurses

Thank you to the THOUSANDS of nurses who entered the Medelita Scrubs and Stethoscopes giveaway. The 100 winners have been selected and the coupon codes have been emailed. Please check your inbox and enjoy your gift from Medelita. Thanks for all you do as nurses and thanks for reading allnurses.com!!! Keep your eyes open for more contests and giveaways to come!