Scrubs for short torsos

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I am not short or petite, I am 125 lbs and 5'4" but my torso is ridiculously short in comparison to my legs. I wear an XS in Cherokee infinity, Skechers by barco, and healing hands but all of my shirts go below my bottom. Should I look into petite sizes? What is a regular xs in petites? Or should I look at different brands?

Try different brands like Landau and Dickies.

I have the opposite problem. I have to find long scrub tops to account for the shortage due to "the twins" (boobs). ??‍♀️

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5'5" with a short torso - Grey's Anatomy mock wrap scrub top and their Emma scrub top have been a decent length on me. But the game changer has been Figs' Catarina scrub top that I can just tuck into my bottoms. 

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