Scrubs for big thighs?


I have seen a couple posts for "pear shaped" womens scrub suggestions. My problem exceeds being pear shaped and I have tried many of the aforementioned scrub brands on with no success. The only brand that used to remotely fit was nu dimension but they have been discontinued.

ALL my weight is in my thighs. My waist and hip/butt area are 2 sizes smaller than my thighs :uhoh3:. If pants fit in my thighs they are giant everywhere else, and if they're remotely the right size up top the fabric is stretched way too tight in the crotch region-- not pretty!.

Any suggestions? I have previously tried on every single pant style made by Dickies and Cherokee as well as Landau (those were the worst!) and the life store brand. I feel like I'm doomed to wear ill-fitting scrubs unless I get custom ones made (which I may break down and do if nothing works out).



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I have been to Anna's before, but it's been a while. I didn't have any luck with their off the rack pants but did notice that they will make custom scrubs. I hadn't really thought about altering though (duh!) that may be less expensive and easier.

Thanks for the suggestion. Anna's is actually less than 1 mile from my house and I drive by it everyday on Woodward going back and forth from Detroit for school. I have no idea why I just don't stop there and take a look more often. I will make it a point to stop this week thanks again!

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I have the same exact problem...I get the cherokee flex-i-bles wide leg scrub pants. The legs are wide all the way down so on me with my big thighs wind up liiking like normal flares. (which i cant wear because the knees are too tight) here a link...good luck. Oh I usually order a large and the waist is too big so I just take in the waist a bit. It's a kind of stretch pants waist so easy to sew.

I nip in the waists on almost everything I wear - big butt, little waist. It's an easy alteration - either two darts or a tapered seam along the back seam.

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Have you tried dickies wide leg scrub pants?

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Infinity by Cherokee with the pajama like waist

They feel great