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Since I just switched to day shift, im running in to people and jobs that I am not exactly sure what they do...

There is a girl I work that I went to high school with, who I ran into in the hallway. She had an ST by her name, and looked that part up, she is a Scrub Tech.

My question is... what type of education is needed to be a scrub tech? I dont think she went to college after graduation, its this a job that you can learn "on the job"?

What can you guys tell me about this?


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Brandy, Long time no hear, Hope you are doing well. At our local community college Brandy they have a 1 year to be scrub tech but you of course have bunch of prereqs to as well. ihave heard folks do training on job as well..


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My school is starting up a scrub tech program in the fall. You still have to take the nursing prereqs and then a one year scrub tech program. Until now, this is something that has been entirely on the job training in my area.


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A local commun. college here has a scrub tech program that is a one year diploma program. A large medical facility has also just started a program where the training is strictly on the job.


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What is it that they do ... ? Do they have them in Canada too?


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A scrub tech goes to school and takes pre reqs such as Anatomy and Physiology, college algrebra, compostion and rhetoric, anatomy and terminology, intro to health care, and a few others. They are then usually in a program for 1 year or 15 months.

A scrub tech works in surgery and has to perform read, and interpret vital body signs, perform sterile and isolation techniques, help assist and move pt,. They are a part of the surgical team. They function as a part of the operating room team responsible for the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of the OR.

Hope this helps!!!


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My community college offers an associate's degree in surgical tech.

From the website: "Surgical Technologists are members of the surgical team who work closely with the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and others to ensure that the patient is ready for surgery, the operating room is safe and that sterile techniques are maintained."


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There are 2 different paths to becoming a scrub tech- one is one the job training, and the more formal education programs described above. Graduates from a formal ST program are eligible to take a certification exam.

In most OR's they work under the supervision of a registered nurse acting as the circulator, but more hospitals are wanting to use techs as circulators also because they are paid less than RNs.


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Where I am from scrub techs are paid between 15-30dollars an hour depending on if they are taking the place of the RN or not, but an RN in the OR makes 32$/hour. If the Scrub Tech is the main one in the OR then they are trained by the RN and then eventually take their place.

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