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Scripps New Grad Residency January/March 2021


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to start a thread for everyone applying for the Scripps New Grad Residency for January and March 2021. I applied yesterday as an internal candidate (I'm a SNE with the SSRS department), I put my preferences as Mercy, the La Jolla. My specialty preferences were Tele/DOU then Med/Onc. I did not receive an email yet for the recorded video interview, but I know others have. Staying hopeful! Good luck to everyone, hope to see some future coworkers on this thread.


anybody not receive the on demand interview? I submitted mine 09/14 at 1 pm 😞 Im worried it didn't make it through.


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I submitted on 9/13 and didn't get the email for a video interview until 9/14 (today). I think the system for sending out video interview invitations is a little different for each hospital, so depending on your preferences listed.


Hey Guys I applied on Sept 13th and put my preferences for Mercy San Diego and Chula Vista. I put my first choice as tele/ dou and second med surg. I am an internal candidate and work as a PCA/SSRS. Graduate with ADN in December. Don't think I will get the job since I don't have BSN yet, but thought I might as well try. I received the on demand interview the day after applying. Good luck to everyone applying!

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Has anyone heard anything regarding live interviews yet?