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Does anyone have a copy of the RN and LPN Scope of Practice? I have read the Nurse Practice Act about 8 times now and only see references to the SoP. I have looked through every inch of the AZBON website and see no references to the SoP except all the meeting minutes.

There has to be a comprehensive Scope of Practice Document somewhere...I refuse to believe that I am going to have to go through the minutes of the past 10,000 years of the Scope of Practice meeting minutes to find all the actual decisions...:banghead:

Thank you, I have read that but that isn't the Scope of Practice, those are the Rules and Regs from the Nurse Practice Act that refer to the Scope of Practice, not the actual Scope of Practice. It basically says, practice within the Scope of Practice determined by the BoN.

Reading some of the minutes from the Scope of Practice meetings where they decide what exactly is in the SoP they get really specific, for example if a RN can place fetal scalp monitors etc.

There is supposed to be a compiled document somewhere that actually specifies the nitty gritty things RNs can and cannot do but for some reason the BoN does not publish this on their website...:mad: Since we can be punished for practicing outside our SoP you would think they would make it easy for us to actually read what out SoP is...BUT I guess the BoN is a Gov agency not unlike the DMV or IRS...shouldn't expect too much.

I've tried looking for that too and never found it.


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[color=#002b51]the link provided is the information you asked for.


[color=#002b51]the arizona revised statutes[color=#002b51] (ars) are proposed and made law by the state legislature and are used in the regulation of nurses.


the nursing profession is regulated by the arizona state board of nursing (azbn) based on authority conferred by the ars. azbn does not produce and make available a “scope of practice” document.



the colorado state board of nursing does publish a document that i believe is the type of thing you are looking for.



hope that clarifies the situation for you.