Schools for LPN to RN

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I was enrolled in Excelsior and was not able to complete the program due to money etc and now I try to reenroll and they said the 7 year time limit is up and I cant reenroll in their program. Are there any other programs such as Excelsior that anyone know that is online? This is a huge dissapointment to me!



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ISU offers an LPN-BSN bridge program online, there are several threads about it on here or you can visit ISU's website


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If you withdrew from your first enrollment, then your second attempt at enrolling should not have been subject to the time limit. Attempt to enroll again, but write a letter and request an exception based upon the fact that you were unaware that a second enrollment was subject to the first seven year time limit. All they can do is say no again and you would only be out the effort to send the letter.