Schoolcraft LPN to RN 2018


I am starting this thread for others that are accepted to the Schoolcraft 2018 LPN to RN program.

Congratulations!!!! I applied but I haven't been accepted yet. Hoping I will how did you do on your HESI? And did retake any courses?


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Congratulations!! I applied for the program on January 25, 2018. I received my acceptance letter seven days later for fall 2018 start!! I am so excited!


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I do not mind at all. My overall GPA is 3.8. I did not retake any classes. I had to take the TEAS VI for Schoolcraft. Math: 89, Science: 75, Reading: 90, English/Language: 87

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Congrats!!! Do you know if they are still taking applications for the 2018 fall cohort for the lpn to rn program?


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Congrats! I have one more class to take then I plan on applying! If y'all don't mind me asking, what was the admission process like... the skills test and math test?


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I applied in late March for the program and received my acceptance letter April 2nd! I'm so excited to finally finish what I started. Been working as a LPN for almost 5 years now. I've learned a lot and have had so many different experiences in this field. But it's time to complete my RN. The opportunities will be endless! Congrats to all those accepted, as well!! KB


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Hi! I just wanted to know how long was the wait to start the program. The students and even the staff said that it's a 2 year waiting list to get in. No matter if you're going straight to the RN program or the Bridge Program.


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I was told per the academic advisor that I'd have to wait two years to start the bridge program when I had applied April 24th and found out a week later that I was placed in Fall 2018 cohort í ½í¸Š. I spoke with someone in the nursing department and was told usually traditional students wait that long not bridge students. I wish you the best of luck.

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Did anyone receive their information packet?

I just got my first packet through the schoolcraft email.