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I am starting nursing school in August and am having a hard time deciding what supplies, other than the obvious notebooks, I want to buy.

I am not sure if I should buy a hug binder, like trapper keeper to hold all things in one place, buy smaller seperate binders, document holders. Can someone please give me ideas of how they set up for each class! Thanks so much



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At our orientation, they advised us to treat lecture, lab, and clinical as three separate classes, so I bought three 1-inch binders. I'm color-coding each section so I can stay organized, so I picked three colors (red/blue/purple) and I'm trying to use those colors for all of my supplies. So far, I've bought colored pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and two-pocket folders, along with the binders. I bought sheet protectors for important documents like the syllabus. I also bought a planner, a calendar, and a white board that's divided into seven sections (one for each day of the week). I'm putting loose leaf notebook paper in the binders instead of using notebooks. I also bought a pencil pouch so I can keep all of my pens/pencils/highlighters in one place.



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A good planner is crucial. The other things I have used the most of are: index cards, black pens for clinicals, highlighters, colored pens for taking notes, a 3-hole punch for all the handouts, and a flashdrive for backing up all of my notes and papers (after having a computer hard drive totally crash mid-semester once, I back up EVERYTHING). I also have separate binders for lab, lecture, and clinical. I put a divider in between each week, so it's easy to find what I need as the semester goes on, and a few page protectors at the beginning of each to protect important paperwork.


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I took my first lecture/clinical class this past spring and i bought one 2-inch (or 3-inch) binder for the class. Our instructors made us divide the binder by Weeks (1-14) and printed off packets and packets of information for us so we can stay organzined. In each week we had a calendar of what was expected for that week as far as reading assignments, quizzes, exams, etc... Then they printed off the lecture slides into a packet for the entire semester (this was the introduction class so maybe they were going easy on us, not sure how it will be this fall with my sophomore classes), and of course the syllabus was given to us. But organizing that way reallllly helps. And I also used a planner religiously (as soon as i got the syllabus for my classes i wrote down when all homework assignments, projects, papers, exams, etc would take place). This all really helped me stay organized.