Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day

  1. i just wanted to take time and wish all of you mothers a happy mothers day ! i hope all of you mothers get a lot of rest, sun, and fun. may your husbands and kids treat you extra special on your special day. :heartbeat

    :tbsk: so relax and enjoy your day !

    fyi- i don't have any kids so don't reply " you too". i started my job as a health aide at 18, i'm now 20 and btw working at an elementary school has been my contraception.

    anyway have restful and peaceful mothers day. :spin:
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  3. by   athena55
    Nursing student 19:
    Thank You very much for those kind thoughts and words.
    I was feeling kinda sorry for myself cuz I am so far from my three young adult male children (they: FL, me: TX) but they are used to me being in the Army and away from home on missions etc.
    Haha, "working at an elementary school has been my contraception" you put a on my face!
  4. by   Keepstanding
    thanks nursing student 19 ! you are so sweet :redpinkhe love that your job is your contraception ! toooo funny !! you have mad me lol have a great day !

    praiser :heartbeat