When you just feel like a patient is doomed :(

  1. Little just turned 7 kiddo in first grade, c/o chest pain. Morbidly obese (163 pounds), in 50% for height. Already has significant acanthosis on back of her neck. First time I am seeing her all year.

    Anyway, I talk to mom and have her come to pick her up and have her evaluated by her PMD (hopefully will do EKG, etc.). Mom comes in to pick her up and is also morbidly obese, as are the two siblings she has with her. Just breaks my heart as I feel like she is already having significant issues at 7, and seeing the rest of her family, I am fairly certain nothing will change for her.
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  3. by   Glitternurse
    So sad, I hope others in her life can encourage her to a healthier lifestyle. I have found that there are some cultures that are not concerned about weight for whatever reason, it's very hard to change that mindset. I hope there is nothing to seriously wrong with the child, but that maybe this is enough of a scare and wake up call so that the PMD can somehow break through to the parents about the road they are sending their child down.
  4. by   Flare
    Very scary and sad. I can see into this child's future because I have this future child here. Obese, acanthosis on their neck from a young age, a diet of junk - i'm not sure if he's ever eaten a vegetable, unwilling to participate in PE class, (has a PhD in video games) and now as a middle school student, this student's parent reported to me that this student started metformin. I made no less that 4 requests for follow up info from their doctor to find out if we should be checking blood sugars in school and to verify the diagnosis. I got no response. Big shock. I will not be surprised if this kid loses a foot by age 25. Scary and sad.