What works for you as a door sign?

  1. I have young kids in my building k-4 but no one pays any attention to the signs on my door that indicate whether they can enter or not. Some don't read so that's an issue but some just don't pay attention. Anyone have any way that work especially well for you with younger kids (and staff, and visitors, etc) to get them to see, notice and read your signs to know whether they can enter ro not?

    Any ideas are welcome!
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  3. by   Wave Watcher
    How about just a Red Stop sign, or Green Go sign?
  4. by   ColleenJune
    The only thing that I've ever found to work is a lock. Even then, I gets knocks and door rattling.
  5. by   Jolie
    I almost never closed my door, so on the very rare occasions that it was closed, that got people's attention. It also helped that my offices were located within the main offices of each building, so the students had to pass by the secretary's desk to get to me. They were wonderful gate-keepers, and very deserving of the lovely Christmas and Secretary's Day gifts that I brought them
  6. by   mustlovepoodles
    Same here. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of sign there is on the door. If I dont' lock the door, kids will barge right on in. And if the door is locked they will turn the knob, beat on the door, and whine plaintively through the lock.