What do you do ???

  1. When you are caught up with your filing, screenings and the day is going slower for you....what do you do ?
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  3. by   zenman
    Surf the net! Right now we are starting a medical clinic from scratch so I'm having a little work to accomplish!
  4. by   TXNurseBSN
    Cry with relief and happiness because that has never happened. At a middle school 1100 non-compliant and low-income kids........I am always behind.
  5. by   Dimple58
    They added a nurse assist to my office and we rarely have time to go to the bathroom. I work at a middle school 7-8 graders with approx 900 students. The 7th graders this year are very high maint. Mainly parents that want us to baby their kids all day, get upset if we don't dope them up and let them lay down all day-and threaten to sue if we don't do what they say. My 7 graders last year wasn't half this bad. We get to clean up real good and surf every blue moon. We see about 50+ a day, we have about 12 daily med kids. P.E. class (girls) trail into the clinic constantly. I work in Ellis County but I would love to work in DISD. I worked there before in 1999 but left at the end of the school year because I had received prorated pay (about $800 a month) and had to work in a hosp. on weekends to meet my budget. I've been trying to get rehired but to no avail. I send in resumes and never hear back. I gave them a 2 weeks notice and both principals loved me. I had 2 schools back then, an elementary and junior high which I shared with a cna. Anyways, I'll keep trying and until then, I'm counting down until June 3. I found out the RNs have to work 190 days this year.