What A Send Off For SB!

  1. Rejoicing this morning!!! My LD who has shown he is growing up hit another milestone this morning!!! He go both of his contacts in place!!!

    However, kinda bummed he wont take them home to use during spring break. But I know he has no support at home so this does not surprise me!
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  3. by   Cattz
    This is awesome news, and quite an accomplishment. I grew up wearing the old "hard" contacts. I have tried to help my own kids with their "soft" contacts-wow- they are tough to figure out. A special side note- when my grown son had surgery on his finger, my grown daughter had to help him with his contacts. That was quite the sight.
    Huge Congrats on your LD's accomplishment. I will buy a round of Pibb Zero for everyone so we can celebrate!
  4. by   KKEGS

    My send off for Spring Break...

    * A report of a group of ALC high school students passing around a large bottle of God knows what while entering the building this morning

    * A newly enrolled ALC student who reportedly lives in a tent behind the junior high and, after threatening to kill a staff member, was searched and a tin full of pills, a pipe and a knife were confiscated. Our main office, including the health office, went into containment after the student was taken in custody but then transported by ambulance.

    * A potentially broken leg for a 2nd grader after a playground accident

    All in the same building on the same day. Now the students are gone, the building is much quieter and I'm drinking a cup of coffee while waiting to attend a parent/teacher conference in another building that I am so not looking forward to.