Weird things kids say.

  1. So am I the only one who has kids tell them the weirdest things ever?

    I had a first grader tell me her grandma died and I was telling her how sorry I was. She then looks at me in the creepiest way and whispered. "We had to bury her after dark." she smiled at me and skipped out of my office.

    I was talking to one of my regulars about how nice the weather was today and asked if he planned on going outside when he got home. He said that he only goes outside when he goes to the car to leave and he went outside to get 2 sticks to keep under his bed so that he can fight the devil at night.
    The counselor happened to be in my office during both conversations so she took note of both just in case.

    But for real....what are these kids watching on tv?
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    We're nowhere near a full moon. Those are just odd conversations....
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    Well then...