1. Just curious-do you use them in your school? We are thinking of getting them for myself, the main office and the teachers that bring kids outside for recess and gym. The school did have the Motorola ones lots of people had but they found they got a lot of static so was looking for any other types people have and recommend. Smaller is better since I will have to carry mine if I leave my office.

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  3. by   SchoolRNAmy
    Hey 100kids...
    We have walkies here..... one of the walkies goes out with the medical bag, out to recess with the kids. It's very convenient if I need to get in touch with the teacher outside, and vice versa.
    I think it was a good idea to have... and it gives me a little freedom to leave the office, and still have a connection.

  4. by   NutmeggeRN
    The only place I do not go with the walki talki is the restroom...otherwise it is glued to my hip......we also use cell phones
  5. by   100kids
    whish brands/models do you have that you have success with? We had Motorola consumer ones that got a lot of interference.
  6. by   100kids
    Quote from SchoolRNAmy
    Hey 100kids...
    it gives me a little freedom to leave the office, and still have a connection.

    that's exactly what I want. What brand/model have you had success with?
  7. by   SchoolRNAmy
    We use Motorola.... I don't know the model, but they are yellow and black. That may not be too helpful.... but we did get some last year, so I would think that they're relatively easy to find.
    Some days, the reception can be a little fuzzy, but for the most part, they work pretty well.