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  1. Looking for different ways HS nurses handle summer sports clearances. I am not employed during month of August but get paid per hour to conduct 2 physicals w/SMD and clear students via online sports registration. It is getting to the point where district expects me to be available from middle of July until school begins in September to clear students prior to sports and the ones who hand stuff in after the season begins. While on vacation after the season began, I got constant texts asking me to clear students. It is not in my contract to work during summer. I don't mind doing it but I would like to set boundaries such as I only clear students on 2 days a week. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Eleven011
    That sounds very frustrating and I would go to your supervision or an Admin and either have them put more days into your contract, or explain that you aren't doing work for free. I'm very lucky and don't deal with it at all. Our AD/coaches and office staff take care of all the sports physicals.
  4. by   algae1492
    Acquire overtime pay for certain days you show up to clear students.
  5. by   iggywench
    Our students can have their physicals for the next school year anytime after April 15th. Our athletic trainers take care of the vital signs and making sure our 8-page form is complete, then a doctor performs the physical. If the students doesn't have their physical on a designated day at our school, they have to go to their own doctor. The athletic trainers collect the forms, then contact the parents if a student requires an Epi-Pen or inhaler. They do not involve me at all, unless someone turns the form in to me.

    If you do have to be involved, maybe they would allow you to perform them in the spring, before school lets out.