Small Vent

  1. I posted recently about how I popped my epi cherry.
    The only bad thing about that event was that the student's father came and refused EMS transport. He assured me and the staff that he would take her straight there himself. I had no reason not to believe him.

    Same Student comes in Wheezing and confused, pulse ox 79. I start doing an emergency neb treatment. Student starts crying because she "doesn't want the shot again". I calmed her down and after talking with her learned that her dad just brought her home the day I administered the epi and she hasn't followed up with any sort of medical professional.

    Call dad to explain current situation and he begins to argue saying that she is faking and forcing herself to hyperventilate because she doesn't want to be at school. And the part about her not wanting to be here is true, she has been a FF since I started. But I explained how you can't fax these numbers or wheezing throughout your chest and that if she got worse and no one could come, I would be calling EMS to transport her. Her mom came right before I was going to call.

    Mom assured me they would be going to the ER, but part of me feels like I should have just called 911 even though she was right above the edge of what our guidelines for calling were. (She needed a second treatment of albuterol but responded to that one very well).

    I'm mad at myself and at the family. I can't imagine how this poor little one feels to have something like this happen twice in just about a week without any known cause.
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  3. by   Flare
    hindsight is 20/20. You've learned that you can't trust these parents. When this happens again (and it will happen again based on what you've provided) Call EMS right away. The parents can sign the AMA and you've CYA'd
  4. by   Amethya
    I get you. I haven't had any issues that bad, but I have one child who had a really bad nose bleeds sometimes and I would call her mother and she just told me, "She does it on purpose, she knows how to start and stop them on command."

    The only thing I could do is document and take care of the child. It gets frustrating, but if this keeps happening and the student is having issues, you need to have your admin team involved in this issue, because this might become a CPS issue if they are neglecting medical care for the child and you can save your behind if you documented all this issues.