Self harm situation - page 2

This isn't totally nursing related but I have a 7th grade student who gets upset and then bites herself on her arm. It is a newer thing, I believe, and she states she has never broken the skin. She... Read More

  1. by   kidzcare
    Any update?
  2. by   littleINlpn
    I have been able to talk with her daily which seems to help (her and I) and she is pretty open with everything that I have asked or discussed. She hasn't had anymore episodes of biting herself or any other self harming. We are having a counselor come in weekly so i am hoping this helps her out!
  3. by   MrNurse(x2)
    Any chance of contacting parents for recommending further eval? I had a student who was self harming and had to initiate 911, as her parents weren't immediately amenable to the idea. Forced their hand and are actually grateful to me for it.