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  1. Hi,

    first of all I wanted to say thanks to all of you, who helped me a lot (later more)
    Im a RN since `84 here in Germany, used to work long time in hospital, emergency room, home care, etc. I never worked just with kids.
    Last september a new school open in my city and they where looking for a RN with languages (European School ,12 in Europe, 3 now in Germany). I was born in Chile, so I do speak a few languages.
    I have to tell you, that German schools don`t have nurses at all.
    So I had not much idea about this before I read the newspaper, where I find the advertice.
    Just in private schools they do have( didn`t know before).
    So I thought , that would be the perfect opportunity or chance.................! And it was!!!!!!!!!
    I`m so happy now. But it was a hard time. The school was new, but first we started in containers, because the building wasn`t finished. So after the holidays in January we moved to the big, nice new school.
    I had no idea what I have to do or not to do. I`m alone and always will be even with 1200 children(later). Right now 350, next september 700 kids).
    No books, nothing by internet, not much people to ask...........because no schoolnurses in Germany. Just one nurse from the same school in another city helped me out.
    Then after month, I had the idea to look in USA . And I find you.
    Many cuestions, advices and ideas I could already use.
    I`m so glad.
    The best of all is, that around the world all schoolnurses have the same cuestions and problems and now I know we not allone.

    So, I hope it wasn`t to boring for you. If you like to heare more about my work here across the big ocean, just let me know.

    Greetings from Germany
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  3. by   MomNRN

    Congratulations on your new job. We would be happy to help with questions. School nursing can be fun and a challenge. I enjoy it immensely. Good luck!
  4. by   renerian
    Wow welcome. Do you know any Runkles in Germany? That is my maiden name.

  5. by   nakitamoon
    ,,, welcome chilenurse,,, you are now in the company of some wonderful ppl,,,, pull up a chair,,, sit a spell,,, looking forward to reading your posts,,,, take care,,, great to meet you nik~
  6. by   jnette
    HI There !
    Where in Germany are you? (town/city)

    My hometown was Wiesbaden.. raised there, went to German school there.

    I still email my best schoolfriend from our teenage years. She teaches physically disabled kids in special clinics there.. like children on dialysis or with osteopathies, etc. She teaches languages, sociology, etc. These are children who cannot attend regular schools because of being hospitalized. She, too, still lives in Wiesbaden.

    We never had a "schoolnurse" either.. we had a "sick-room", where you could go to lie down if you had a headache, or whatever, and the teachers would look in on you or send you home, whichever they felt appropriate...

    Let me know where you are ! Kool.
  7. by   Mrs.B
    I am new to school nursing as well. I love it so far! Very challenging and nothing like I expected.

    In fact, I just had a student come in my office b/c he had his friend's ring stuck on his finger!!

    I have needed advice too and everyone has been great and very helpful.

    Good luck,