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I just started a position at a k-12 school as the Health Services Nurse (school nurse). I would like to hear from school nurses, any tips/ strategies or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Here's a... Read More

  1. by   fetch
    Quote from kenderella89
    For teachers I recommend telling them about the B's that you need to see about right away
    -Bumps on the head
    -Broken bones
    -Bleeding severely
    -Breathing difficulty
    And the final B if you have a middle/high school -- Baby! If a girl relays she is pregnant and having abdominal pains etc, that would also be straight to the clinic.
  2. by   NurseKitKat
    These are all great responses! I love SNAP software, the school I'm currently with does not use it and I miss it dearly! As for your daily clinic log, in my state (GA) we are not allowed to use those for legal reasons, so you may want to check with your Lead Nurse. If I do write anything down, I shred it as quickly as possible after inputting into the computer. Some hospitals, like Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, really support school nurses and have books just for us with templates and clinic-organizing information! That book was my savior when I first started school nursing!

    Feel free to PM me with any specific questions, I'd be happy to help you