P&G program

  1. I've seen a couple of threads on this program and I've looked at their website, but I'm still not exactly sure I know what it is....is it a supplemental program to abstinence/sex ed programs or is it just a puberty program? What do you get when you order a kit? Is it worth the wait?

    I realize these may be dumb questions, but I just didn't get the answers from the website
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  3. by   Flare
    it's a puberty program. video for the boys and one for the girls. Pretty well done too. They also send you samples for the children in the specified grades. In years past it's been a panty liner for the girls and a deodorant for the boys. The past 2 years it's been deodorant for all and no pad sample. I think it's worth it. You can bang the thing out in 2 45 minute periods and be done with it.
    here's a you tube link to the gilr's video to check out - the boy's is in the same spirit - they recycle a lot of the same stuff like the hygiene stuff and nutrition stuff.
    Always Changing and Growing Up | Girls Puberty Education Video - YouTube
  4. by   Eleven011
    I get the kits aimed for 5/6th grade, but I believe they have an older option as well. I would call them more of a puberty program, but I imagine you could use it to supplement an actual class. My box of stuff has a DVD which I show during my talk (it has boys only/girls only/mixed) an instruction book with information for you to use during your class, a sample bag for each child you order for (sample deodorant, a mini booklet covering stuff in the video, and coupons). I also got a full size deodorant 1 each for boy/girl, and a multi pack of pads to dispense as I wish or keep in the office. I depend on getting my stash every year!